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The best mascara for thick long lashes new review

Hello! So I recently went to put on eyeliner and realized… I forgot how! It has been so long since I’ve used liquid eyeliner I made a mess and it did not look very good. But …

Planets best weight loss fan

Hi friends! Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans? I’ll be earning some cool mom points by taking Livi to the Jojo Siwa concert. She’s SO EXCITED about it and I’m looking forward to an adventure with Liv (She even gave me permission to do my “mom dancing” at the …

I <3 fitness ?

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday! What are you up to today? It’s a short day at school, so I’m just catching up on some work stuff before I pick up P. I’m hoping to sneak in an upper body workout (and a shower! #necessary) while she naps later today.

Yesterday was kind of a tough parenting day. …